Uki is in the paper today!

I am sorry but its in Dutch! But I am happy that it will soon be launched on TV!
Here is the link:

My Animation Mentor Experience

Hi all,

I am already in class 3 now and I did not posted much of my work on this blog as I was very busy combining life, work and AM! So now its time to put my Progress Reel on my blog so people can see what I did so far! I still have some more work on the reel. Especially my last assignment, the ball balance is still work in progress! That was the hardest assignment I have had so far!
My mentor of class 1 was Eric Lessard. He worked 10 years for dreamworks! So amazing!
My Mentor in Class 2 was Boola Robello. He is another amazing mentor! He worked on Bolt one of the best animation feature films I have seen lately. Animation Mentor is such an amzing community and I am so lucky to be part of it right now.
I am also proud to say that I am curently a student in spotlight on the AM site!